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Moving Guide for Fragile Items

Imagine moving out heavy and bulky items. Wasn't that a hard experience? Now look a the fragile items, you'll find them even harder. That's fact, as with bulky items at least you'd have a lot of places to hold unto for the carrying and it's less likely to breakdown.
With fragile items, you now have a different set of story. If it's just small items, then you can expect that the carrying would be easier. In fact, that'll be your only advantage worth speaking off. Of course, as the fragile items get smaller, it is more likely than ever to breakdown while in transit.
So how can you protect these items?
If you kept the original package cartons of the fragile cartons, then this is the best time for you to take these out and start repacking again. These cartons are the best places to keep the fragile items temporarily as they'll fit perfectly.
Now if you threw away the old cartons or they're no longer that strong, it is always best to use new ones. You can put Styrofoam inside to keep the items from breaking. You can also use pillows or clothes to keep the fragile items in good shape after the move.
So now with the packing and transporting done, you can now set your eyes on the unpacking. This ought to be slower. Remember, you don't really want to have these items to break up, right after you went to great lengths into packing and transporting them safely.